Rings   Searching for rings online is entertaining to people who likes jewelries. Taking time browsing and looking through the designs can be fun to them at most times. But to some, it can be a head ache and a bit difficult. Since not every website is real or legitimate, it is scary to buy Read more about Rings[…]

Diamond Values

Diamond Values   Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, or diamonds are forever. These are slogans that we normally hear or see when diamonds are the topic. When we talk about diamonds, we say that it’s a great investment or that in the future you can reap a good value out of it since it Read more about Diamond Values[…]

Investing in Jewelries

Investing in Jewelries   Jewelries are a kind of investment, I always hear this from my folks. I see them mesmerizing the beauty and the glamour jewelries bring them. The elegance of a simple diamond pendant, partnered with the perfect outfit can give the feeling like a royalty. Investing in jewelry is one of the Read more about Investing in Jewelries[…]

beverly diamonds GIA

Jewelry Certification That Belies A Beverly Diamonds Scam

It can be confusing the first time you hear someone talking about the color of a diamond. Few diamonds are fully colorless, and these are the ones that are worth the most. The GIA ranks them as a ‘D’. However, for people on a budget, colored stones are often the only option. Said color is Read more about Jewelry Certification That Belies A Beverly Diamonds Scam[…]

Fabricated Lies About Beverly Diamonds Fail To Influence Customers

  Beverly Diamonds is an online diamond jewelry retailer located at Los Angeles, Southern California. Today, the name Beverly Diamonds is considered to be synonymous with pure and certified diamonds. Although there are many other online diamond retailers, Beverly Diamonds has got the biggest customer base in USA and Europe. According to sources privy to Read more about Fabricated Lies About Beverly Diamonds Fail To Influence Customers[…]

How To Be Wise While Buying Diamonds

Buying a diamond ring for to present your soul mate on the day of proposing her is definitely a brilliant idea. You need to show the same level of brilliance while choosing the diamond for the ring as well should you expect it to be genuine. The simple theory that works here is to find Read more about How To Be Wise While Buying Diamonds[…]